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The Aftermath March 23, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Claire Morton @ 4:15 pm

The devastation that reaked havoc on Haiti weeks ago made headlines and propelled America to reach into their charitable pockets and help the needy. But slowly and surely the headlines are shying away from Haiti and have moved on to Healthcare Reform and the new line-up of Dancing With The Stars. But guess what? Haiti is still in shambles. Haitian’s still need support and the basic necessities that people like you and me take for granted every day. The people of Haiti are finding new struggles every day from the aftermath of the quakes and continue to face enviornmental challenges as floods pose threat to Earthquake relief camps. Recently I stumbled upon what I think is a great idea for Haiti Relief. BCBG is offering a fashionable way to promote or rather, communicate aid to Haiti with a trendy t-shirt. The reason I think this is a great idea is because not only will American’s saddle up $25 dollars for Haiti with more willingness when granted a one of a kind designer t-shirt, but hopefully the walking billboard that they become as they wear their new threads will further alert people that the devastation is not over.

Just feel like donating the traditional way?




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