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Racefest 2010 April 11, 2010

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Well this weekend has been a pretty fun one and it all began with my 5 o’clock wake up call to volunteer at Southpark’s Racefest. Luckily I was able to recruit my mom to volunteer with me and it was much more fun than going it alone. We were there by 6:00 am and received our t-shirts and  our assigned posts (we were course monitors).  I was really excited to participate in this race not only to help out Team-in-Training, an organization I adore, but also because two of my girlfriends were participating in the half marathon (Go Carissa and Kristin!!) I was surprised how fast the half-marathoners finished up. My mom and I were out of there by 9:30. I went home and immediately took a nap. After that I spent some quality time with the girls with a wine-night and Sunday Chris and I have spent cleaning. I bought a new Southern Living Magazine  and enjoyed reading it outside in the sunshine 🙂 The windows are open and the smell of “clean” is in the air! After finishing this post I hope to get in an hour at the gym (I”ve been really bad this week) and then relax to some Sunday night TV. Hope everyone had great weekends!


One Response to “Racefest 2010”

  1. Greg Morton Says:

    Wat to go Claire!

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