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Million Meals Mission June 23, 2010

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Hello volunteer enthusiasts! Sorry I have been so M.IA. from this blog. I have been busy trying to get in shape for the summer and after volunteering at Racefest 2010 it totally inspired me to sign up for my own half marathon! I will be running the Dowyd Y Half Marathon in November and it’s proven to already be a struggle, but I will push through! Since I will already be running the race, I’m searching for organizations I can help while I run. If anyone has a any good suggestions, feel free to let me know!

A recent event caught my eye and I wanted to share the opportunity with you.  In partnership with Samaritans International and the “Feed My Starving Children” organization, the congregation of Charlotte, NC area churches supported by local businesses and civic organizations have taken the challenge to provide meals for 1,000,000 starving children!

For more than 10 years, “Feed My Starving Children” has worked with mission partners in Haiti in establishing relationships with nearly 200 Haiti-based programs. With several of the programs currently providing aid to those victimized by the earthquakes of January 2010, this organization strives to provide an additional 6 million meals to the 3 million meals already on the ground when the earthquake hit Haiti.

In order to pack one million meals, the organization needs two things: volunteers and donations to pay for the meals.  As of right now, here is the progress that  supporting hope can accomplish:

Donations to date: $68,200

The Goal: $170,000

Meals Packed – 720,000

If you would like to donate or lend a helping hand, visit the website:

I will be lending a hand by volunteering tonight for a few hours and will make sure to let you guys know how it went! Last night my friend Phil went and said they were able to pack 30,000 meals, which would feed around 84 children at least one meal a day for a year. That is what 2 hours of your time can do! If you live in Charlotte, I urge you to go to the website and pick a time that is convenient for you to help.


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